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100% Rubber Boots Unisex Parcours 2 Vario by Aigle


Темно коричневый

The Parcours boot first launched in 1996 has become synonymous with the Aigle brand, and for 2012 they have decided to take it to the next step.
The new Parcours 2 has been created to support the roll of the foot. Its sole limits the impact on the heel, optimising movement which becomes lighter and less tiring. Technical trials carried out in a laboratory (independent laboratory at the Centre Technique de Cuir (CTC, Technical Centre for Leather) have demonstrated its performance: twice the energy absorption capacity of the European standard and twice the grip of the original Parcours.

The physical appearance of the boot is very similar to the original with a few subtle changes to the overall styling to make an attractive alternative.

The new Parcours was evaluated by a European panel of hunters, farmers, professional ecologists and forest rangers. They deemed that the shock absorbing, anti-fatigue technology offers a "real sensation of comfort" (Trialled over nine months, in various geographical areas and various types of terrain).


• Triple density anti-fatigue sole - Optimal comfort and heel to to transition, shock apsorption and foot stability
• Dampening cushion sole - Shock absorption and energy return
• Cushioning system midsole - Comfort and foot stability
• Abrasion resistant outsole
• 360 degree high grip lugs - Energy management
• Forefoot grip
• 360 degree "paw"grip
• Shank for better stability
• Heel breaking system
• Energy absorption capacity is twice the European standard


• Polyester quick drying lining with a sanitized antibacterial treatment
• Triple density anti fatigue shock absorbing sole for stability. finished with a waterproof and adjustable gusset
• Outer Material: Rubber
• Inner Material: Manmade
• Sole: Rubber
• Closure: Slip-On
• Heel Type: Block
• Waterproof gusset adjustable to calf size
• Calf size- 41 cm. Upper height- 40.0 cm
• Lining: fast drying
• Heel height : 1 cm
With their tri-density rubber soles, Parcours boots offer comfort, allowing you to walk further without getting tired. The damping cushions in the heels act as return springs, resituating part of the energy used in taking a step. With their adjustable tabs and gussets, these boots fit snugly to your legs. The fitted ankles hold your feet firmly. The insole is made from absorbent foam over Softex lined rubber. The polyester interior of the boot dries quickly. These boots are handmade in France using primarily natural rubber by one of the Aigle's master rubber craftsmen.Aigle, A Unique Saviour-faire - Since 1853, Aigle has continuously improved its rubber expertise, its combinations, its manufacturing techniques, its understanding of linings, its creativity and its knowledge of the needs of its customers, which has resulted in a know-how that is unique in the world together with cutting-edge research and development. Aigle boots, hand made by master rubber craftsman, combine a high level of expertise and performance and carry the brand's promise of quality and know-how.Care : Clean the boots after each use; either just with water or water and a mild soap (Neutral PH), Wipe the boots with a lint-free cloth.

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