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The main inspiration of Treasure Box is the unique natural region of the Baltic Sea and all the countries around it. This special Nordic sky in a shadow you will never see anywhere in the world, cold but friendly sea, strong winds, authentic breathtaking landscapes, people with a certain lifestyle and traditions…


We feel a strong need to share all this beauty with you, so we came up with our personal hashtag (or a theme) - #TreasureBox_BSS. We will put there interesting information about the BSS including


  • unique products - our treasures
  • places to stay, go and see
  • cafes and bakeries,
  • music festivals,
  • people and their lifestyle,
  • interesting and sustainable brands or factories, etc.


You can join our ‘treasure hunt’ and tell us about your favorite place in the Baltic Sea States – we will publish your story with great pleasure.

Быть частью Treasure Box сообщество!

Today we are going to share several Instagram accounts of the Baltic Sea States photographers that we fell in love with:

1. https://www.instagram.com/avphoto.av/

One of our favorite photographers in Estonia. We love that combination of pictures full of sunglight and pics of a little bit mystical northern nature.

  1. https://www.instagram.com/euzha/

Photographer from Riga: warm colors and lively portraits – you smile when you look at them.

  1. https://www.instagram.com/prosa_/

Photographer and designer from Estonia who makes not just photos, but visual art. It’s magic!