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8 Brands of the Baltic Sea States With Amazing & Sustainable Pottery

How to choose a mug? This question may sound silly or you can imagine some control freak asking it, keep trying to make every single thing perfect. Maybe it’s our issue (ha-ha), but we prefer to think of ourselves as conscious consumers.
So, there’s some facts: 1) you use a cup or mug every day; 2) not every material for mugs is safe – even ceramic mugs can have a toxins if it was made with the violation of rules and standards of safety.
Treasure Box’s team made a list of brands that we can recommend as sustainable, safe and just beautiful. Enjoy!





The roots of this brand date back to 1881. The cornerstones of Iittala’s design are timeless aesthetics, high quality and functionality.

In design, they focus on the essentials: design less, high quality, multi-functional and aesthetically lasting - to become a future classic. They take a stand against throwawayism, minimize their effects on the environment and enhance sustainability.




Founded on love and passion by quin Juliane Marie in 1775, this factory keeps the highest level of manufacturing porcelain. Historical patterns, hand painting and absolutely amazing aristocratic vibe – it’s all about Royal Copenhagen. All the pieces are certified and safe for sure.




This factory was founded in 1744 by Elizaveta, the Empress of Russia. The finest china is made here: historical forms of cups, the lightest porcelain, unique author’s design and painting. As well as the highest safety standards (certificated) and total transparency of the manufacturing process.





Since its founding in 1710, the Meissen porcelain manufactory has stood for the highest-quality porcelain and the utmost workmanship.

For more than 300 years, Meissen porcelain has only been made in a single location in Germany. Every single piece of Meissen porcelain is made by hand in this location, drawing on traditional craftsmanship and the innovative spirit of the present day.

You can visit it yourself and enjoy the process of manufacturing and the porcelain pieces of art.





Swedish style since 1726. The second oldest brand of ceramics in Europe (after Meissen, 1710). The greatest heritage, the highest quality, unique patterns and collaborations with the famous artists. Certificated and sustainably made.





Unique heat-resistant clay and cobalt shades as recognizable elements of style. Durability, quality, natural materials and a special technique of painting since 1380. All the factories of this region are close to the source of natural raw materials and have a transparent manufacturing.




Norwegian design and craftsmanship since 1885. One more factory with rich heritage, unique design and collaborations with artists. The first priority of the brand is outmost quality and safety as well, so all the pieces are tested and certified.




The story of brand begins in 1951 with a… dress in abstract patterns, which was a provocation at that time. Over the years Marimekko's anti-fashion became not only fashion but also a way of living. Marimekko is considered one of the first lifestyle brands to combine fashion, handbags and accessories, as well as home decor, into an expression of joyful living.

For Marimekko, sustainability means respecting people and the environment in everything they do. Bran's value "fairness to everyone and everything" summarises their sustainability thinking. They treat people fairly, and create products that bring joy for a long time with minimal impact on the environment.